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About Us - South Nottinghamshire Commercial Property Business Park run by people with the personal touch.

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What we do is a small commercial property business specializing in Offices to Rent, Storage and Light Industrial units to Rent from 200 sqft - 2,250 sqft. The south Nottinghamshire commercial properties to rent are at a rural farm business park which have been converted from old farm buildings to small business units. Situated near East Midlands Airport and East Midlands Parkway Railway station just off the A453 south of Nottingham between Clifton and Kegworth not far from the Derbyshire and Leicestershire county borders. While being in pleasant rural quiet countryside the business park is close to good road networks such as the M1 at junction 24, A50, A42 & A6 which enables you to reach any part of the midlands easily and quickly.

The Property

The property was bought in 1986 from the Electricity Generating Board. The property was generally in a  run down state and in need of major renovation work on most of the buildings. There was very limited electrical wiring about the place, doors, windows and roof repairs all needed doing. In some places urgent structural repairs had to be done to stop the buildings falling down.
 It took approximately two years to renovate the house to a standard that was acceptable to live in with modern needs. The house had wiring, plumbing heating and damp course work done. The work on the rest of the property was then started to improve the yard and buildings.

The Landlord

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I'm a farmers son who lived and grew up locally before buying the property with the help of my family. My experience of building work prior to taking on the property was limited so I had a quite a steep learning curve afterwards. However I can now say that I have become quite skilled at all of the elements of building, repairing and maintaining property. At the time of writing this I now have over 30 years of looking after this property with myself doing at least 90% of all work needed to be done.
I not only had to learn how to repair buildings I decided to let the buildings out as commercial property due to the fact they were no longer suitable for agriculture as this would give me extra income while working on my father's farm. Yet again learning a new skill with nothing apparently putting me off doing what I wanted to do.
In about 1992 I decided to become a full time landlord at my property with sufficient income coming in by then and the likely hood of increasing income later down the line.
Having been a commercial property landlord for this length of time I can finally say I think I know what I'm doing and can now stop pretending to have the experience.

Roy Towers

Development over the Years

Here are some before and after pictures of various parts of the property. Some of the biggest changes have been the buildings converted into office space and the growth of the trees surrounding the farm.


Unit 4 in 1986


Unit 4 in 2018

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Unit 6a in 1986


Unit 6a in 2018

Approximate distances in miles to:-

(Road Transport)

Cities: Nottingham - 8, Derby - 15, Leicester - 25.

Counties: Nottinghamshire (Notts, NG11) - 0, Derbyshire (Derbys, DE74) - 3,
Leicestershire (Leics, LE12) - 3.

Roads: A453 - 1/2 | A50, A6 and A42 - 3.

Villages/towns/Boroughs: Clifton - 2, Kegworth - 3, Gotham - 3, East Leake - 6, Long Eaton - 10, Castle Donington - 6, Ruddington - 6, Loughborough - 9, West Bridgford - 7.

(Rail & Air Links)
Nearest Train Station:
East Midlands Parkway Train Station by car (2.2 miles) or bit less if you walk.

Nearest Airport:
East Midlands Airport (5.6 miles). A bus connects the train station to the airport.