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General policy

(Some businesses would not make suitable tenants)
The farm is not really suitable for businesses with retail operations which attract customers to the farm. Of course there are some exceptions which do not generate many visitors. Too many retail customers coming to the farm would be something I do not want. This would also make the property more difficult to monitor and therefore I believe less secure. While businesses that attract trade visitors are welcome because there tends to be fewer visitors in these cases.
The farm has a superb security record over a good many years and I intend to keep it that way if at all possible.
I also try hard to maintain a helpful friendly relationship with my tenants and quite often down tools straight away to sort any problems they may have.

Maps of the Farm Business Park

For a Map of the Farm Business Park - Click Here...

Telephone image

Broadband, Mobile & Telephone

All the buildings have had telephones in them at some point.
We are approximately 3 miles from the Gotham telephone exchange.
Using VoIP over internet or mobile phone for telephone calls would be what I would recommend to eliminate the need for landline rental.

Image - fixed wireless broadband reciever dish

Fast Broadband by a Fixed Wireless service from Nottingham
We now have this service available to the property. This is ideal for businesses and domestic customers with speeds offered up to 30Mbps download, 5Mbps upload. With the use of seametrics flow control a 10Mbps both ways can also be offered which especially useful for website designers.
More details on the service can be got from  tel:0115 8718379 who have a range of tariffs to suit your needs. 

Mobile phone calls and mobile broadband
We are well positioned for receiving mobile phone and data services from the mast that is positioned approximately 1/4 mile away across the fields and can be clearly seen by line of sight from some of the buildings but not all of them. The two service providers that I know are offering a good 4G service from the mast are EE and Three. Speed tests show average speeds of around 20-30 mbps data download inside a building. Mobile data downloads is now is a cost effective service and is what we use in the farm house for all our broadband needs and getting 30-40 mbps average download speeds using a router in a window facing the mast.
I know other service providers are available but don't know what type of service they offer and is entirely dependent on which building you are in as to which is best.

Broadband by land line
The farm has standard landline broadband and no fibre broadband by land line at present. The properties are on the Gotham telephone exchange. The BT speed test checker indicates that a typical landline speed would range between 1Mbps and 3Mbps downloads and upload speeds are likely to be 0.2-0.45Mbs.

BT Openreach the wholesale arm of BT are planning to roll out fibre to the premises (FTTP) to as many properties as possible not already covered by fibre in my area. While the farm has been visited by a surveyor, I do not have any further information as to whether or not we will get it. Initial impressions by the surveyor was that it should be easy to deliver as there is a telephone ducting system at the farm already in place. Apparently the survey goes to the planning department to be costed before it can be approved.

Business Rates and Small Business Rate Relief in England

From 1 April 2017 the government has permanently double Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) from 50 per cent to 100 per cent and increased the thresholds to benefit a greater number of businesses. Businesses with a property with a rateable value of £12,000 and below will receive 100 per cent relief, with the threshold rising to £15,000 form 1/4/2017.

Business rates are paid to Rushcliffe Borough council. Business rates information and small business rate reliefs can be found at:-

Some Extra Charges by the Landlord

On top of the rent extra charges are made for water, toilet waste disposal of effluent (where these services are used) and buildings insurance. Heat and electricity are usually purchased direct from the tenants supplier. Security deposits are usually charged to ensure keys are returned and buildings are left tidy when the tenant vacates a building.

Tenant References

New tenants will need to provide some kind of references before being able to rent a building, e.g. some or all of the following:- trade, character and sometimes bank references. Sometimes bank statements can be shown instead of bank references. Often recent home utility bills and or driving license need to be shown to show proof of tenants address

Area Conversion Table

1 sqm = 1.196sq yards
1 sq yard  = 9 sqft = 0.8361 sqm
1 sqft = 0.0929 sqm

Approximate distances in miles to:-

Cities: Nottingham - 8, Derby - 15, Leicester - 25.

Counties: Nottinghamshire (Notts, NG11) - 0, Derbyshire (Derbys, DE74) - 3,
Leicestershire (Leics, LE12) - 3.

Roads: A453 - 1/2, A50, A6 and A42 - 3.

Villages/towns/Boroughs: Clifton - 2, Kegworth - 3, Gotham - 3, East Leake - 6, Long Eaton - 10, Castle Donington - 6, Ruddington - 6, Loughborough - 9, West Bridgford - 7.